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Create Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace with PowerShell

Today, we’ll create an Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace using PowerShell. You can include this script as part of your Azure DevOps pipelines and use it as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). 

Creating services using the Azure Portal is an option. However, as you move towards more mature environments with service delivery and release practices, or strong CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) technologies, you don’t want to keep creating services manually. 

The Azure PowerShell modules are great and you should take advantage of them. It’s also possible to use ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates. 

Download the Script 

The script is available through the following link:


Before you can run the script, download the Az Module and log into the Azure tenant.  

Install Az Module  

Install-Module -Name Az.Synapse 

Connect to Azure  


Execute Script 

The script has the following parameters:

  • ResourceGroupName
  • Name
  • Location
  • Default Data Lake Storage Account
  • Default Data Lake File System
  • Admin SQL Login
  • Admin SQL Password
  • Default Tags (Not mandatory, switch)
  • Tag Environment (Not mandatory)
  • Tag Business Unit (Not mandatory)

The following command creates an Azure Synapse Analytics without the tags.

./Create-AzSynapseWorkspace -ResourceGroupName "rg-dataanalytics" -Name "synwsanalyticsps" -Location "Australia East" -DefaultDataLakeStorageAccountName "dlsstorageaccount" -DefaultDataLakeStorageFilesystem "dlsfs" -AdminSqlLogin "davidalzamendi" -AdminSqlPwd ""

The output will be similar to the following one.

The following command creates an Azure Synapse Analytics with the tags.

./Create-AzSynapseWorkspace -ResourceGroupName "rg-dataanalytics" -Name "synwsanalyticsps" -Location "Australia East" -DefaultDataLakeStorageAccountName "dlsstorageaccount" -DefaultDataLakeStorageFilesystem "dlsfs" -AdminSqlLogin "davidalzamendi" -AdminSqlPwd "" -DefaultTags -TagEnvironment "Test" -TagBusinessUnit "IT"

The service will be available for a final configuration, check this article to finalise the last steps. 


In this post, you’ve seen how to easily create an Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace using PowerShell. The script allows you to include logic specific to your company. 

Final Thoughts 

I always suggest taking advantage of the Azure Portal to create services. Nevertheless, I believe that in a mature environment you want to expand on an Infrastructure as Code approach.  

This allows you to bring code version control to your platform and easily integrate the scripts with CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) pipelines. 

What’s Next? 

In upcoming posts, I’ll continue to explore some of the great features and services available in the data analytics space within Azure services.  

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