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Azure Synapse Analytics Monitor Hub

Azure Synapse Analytics Studio Monitor Hub allows you to monitor your workspace pipeline orchestration, activities and SQL or Apache Spark resource usage. 

The Synapse Analytics Monitor Hub offers the following options:

Orchestration (same experience as in Azure Data Factory) 

  • Pipeline runs 
  • Trigger runs 
  • Integration runtimes 


  • Apache Spark applications 
  • SQL requests 

 Azure Synapse Analytics Monitor Hub Orchestration

All of the sections offer the option to apply filters and add or remove columns from results: 

 Azure Monitor Hub Filters and Columns

Pipeline runs 

In the pipeline runs, you are able to see all pipeline activities executed in the workspace, including manual or triggered runs. 

You can: 

  • Monitor pipeline run and activity run details 
  • Track all or specific pipelines by using filters 
  • Find the root cause of pipeline failure or activity failure 

Azure Synapse Analytics Monitor Hub Pipeline runs

Trigger runs 

This section only displays the trigger names and their pipeline executions. The difference between pipeline and trigger runs is that you see the execution information. 

 Azure Monitor Hub Trigger RunsAzure Monitor Trigger Runs see Pipelines




Integration runtimes 

In the integration runtimes section, you can monitor the status of the integration runtimes –  if they are running or unavailable. 

 Azure Monitor Hub Integration Runtimes


As covered in my previous blog post, there are 3 main types of integration runtimes: 

  • Azure: execute workloads between Azure services or Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows. 
  • Self-Hosted: execute workloads between on-premises environments and Azure. 
  • Azure-SSIS: execute SQL Server Integration Services packages in Azure Data Factory. 


Apache Spark applications 

It’s possible to monitor Apache Spark cluster activities. With this section you can: 

Monitor the usage of Apache Spark clusters and apply filters 

 Azure Synapse Analytics Monitor Hub Apache Spark applications

Surprisingly, the status changes to “cancelled when you close the notebook, even if there were not failures in the notebook. 

SQL requests 

My preferred section within the Azure Synapse Analytics Manage Hub is SQL requests. You can monitor SQL activity, including duration of the query and query command for any of your SQL clusters, on-demand or provision. 

You can: 

  • Understand if you need to scale resources out or back 
  • Have access to SQL logs 
  • Review the final status of SQL Activities  

 Azure Monitor Hub SQL Requests

Azure Monitor Hub SQL Query


For SQL on-demand, soon it will be possible to see historical execution information. 

 Azure Monitor Hub SQL Requests On Demand


With Azure Synapse Analytics Monitor you can monitor most of the activity within a workspace and look at the status of activities, Apache Spark or SQL queries. 

What’s next? 

Looking ahead, I’ll be posting on some of the other features within Azure Synapse Analytics. Please leave a comment if there is anything that you would like to learn about. 

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  • Kachi
    15 . 03 . 2022

    Thank you this article. Kindly update the Monitor Hub to include the “Data Flow Debug” activity.
    Thank you.

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